The two faces of fashion

The faces of London Fashion Week

Why do we bother with fashion? That’s a question many of us have been asked and we cannot always give a concrete answer.

That is because fashion has made its way in our lives so much that sometimes we don’t notice it and take it as an ordinary part of our everyday. The word fashion can be understood in many different ways and it means a different thing for each one of us.

For some fashion is what we put on so we can look beautiful and for others it goes way more beyond this – a dynamic picture, constantly changing through time, different cultures and personalities.

Outside London Fashion Week Sep 2018 - 16

When we talk about fashion in the way of wearing nice apparel, making us look good, fashion is nothing more than the newest clothes we bought for ourselves from the store yesterday.

We usually go to our favorite mainstream brand and buy what is in the store currently, following what was said to be the trend.

Some of it we like and others are not our types but we can most probably always find something that fits our taste, even if not fashionable according to the latest collections on the runway.

And that is ok. Because we are not obliged to buy something we don’t like just to satisfy the established notion of the current “fashion”.

We can always be trendy with the clothes and colors we like enough to make us feel and look good.

Every person has his own style and clothes that fit his appearance and therefore buying something trendy but not complementing our personal preferences is beyond unnecessary and unneeded.

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However, it is a completely different thing when we take fashion beyond just clothes, colors, designs and runways.

Fashion can be something much more. It can represent the different cultures with their values and traditions, time with its changes, and various personalities.

When we think about all the countries and nations around the world, how they dress and what is their style we will see that what we sometimes think for crazy or ugly is the current trend for other people.

Let’s say for example India or Africa, these nations are so different from the others in terms of culture and traditions. They dress in a very different way than other countries and their everyday life also goes with new trends, season styles, and fashion.

Sometimes we, people, judge what is ugly and what is good fashion but we don’t realize that every single nation has their own “heart” and the concept of fashion is different.

If we look in a broader way we will see how beautiful the fashion around the world is and how if we go visit and get to know this particular culture we will most probably fall in love with what they wear.

Usually, we buy a thing or two, something that represents the country we have visited and we wouldn’t buy something we don’t like. We found it interesting and wanted to bring a piece of it with us as a memory. But as this can be a souvenir for us, it is the current fashion trend for others.

We think that getting to know the cultures and nations around the world is so interesting, and by understanding and accepting their fashion we can see that this is way bigger than just clothes. It is tradition, values, and personality.

Fashion is beautiful everywhere. Different but beautiful and we can learn a lot more when opening our eyes and looking more far away than just in our own small world. Then we can realize that fashion has a completely different meaning of what we thought before.

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