20+ Ideas for the Best Ever Baby Shower

Sarah Hearts

Get ready for a baby shower with these DIY party ideas! Here are over 20 DIY ideas to help you organize the best baby shower, including invitations, decorations and snack ideas.Go to 2 of 24 below.02 of 24

DIY Baby Shower Cupcake Push Pops

DIY Baby Shower Cupcake Push Pops. Inspired by this

Surprise your party guests with some adorable cupcake pops. Choose from a variety of smart label ideas!

DIY baby shower cupcake push pops tutorial Inspired by thisGo to 3 of 24 below.03 of 24

DIY Sex Reveal

DIY Sex Reveal.

In collaboration with the mother-to-be, help us reveal the baby’s sex to all his family and friends by making pretty diaper cards. Everyone should open the cards at the same time to collectively discover the sex of the baby!

DIY tutorial revelation of Kristi Murphy’s genreContinue to 4 of 24 below.04 of 24

DIY Globe Table

DIY Globe Table. Farm Fresh Therapy

A fantastic way to decorate the snack table, this craft transforms an ordinary globe into a blackboard. From there, you can customize your message as you wish!

Tutorial on a Farm Fresh Therapy DIY Chalkboard GlobeSkip to 5 of 24 below.05 of 24

Diaper Cake

Personal creations / flickr CC 2. 0

The mom-to-be will certainly appreciate this centerpiece that doubles as a gift, and it takes less time to put together than a regular cake!

The Spruce Diaper CakeContinue to 6 of 24 below.06 of 24

DIY Welcome Baby Shower Banner

DIY Welcome Baby Shower Banner. Sarah Hearts

Help all your guests find the location of the baby shower with a welcome banner on the front door. This printable banner is an easy DIY project.

Sarah Hearts DIY Welcome Shower Banner TutorialContinue to 7 of 24 below.07 of 24

Giant DIY Baby Block Decorations

DIY giant baby block decorations. Oh Happy Day

Decorate the cardboard boxes to look like giant baby blocks, making it the perfect backdrop for a baby shower and doubles as a perfect background photo prop. They would be so adorable in the background while the future mother opens all her gifts.

DIY tutorial giant baby block decorations of Oh Happy DayContinue at 8 of 24 below.08 of 24

DIY Wishes for Baby Activity

DIY wishes for baby activity. Art Bar

Cut animal silhouettes in pastel paper and hang them on a string for a cute party banner and a simple baby shower activity for the guests. Invite all guests to write a message with their wishes for the baby on an animal silhouette.

Tutorial of DIY activities for Art Bar’s baby activityContinue to 9 of 24 below.09 of 24

DIY New Baby Cake Topper

DIY New Baby Cake Topper.

Paint wooden dolls to look like a family of animals with this lovely DIY project perfect as a cake for your friend’s baby shower.

DIY Tutorial New Cake Topper Shrimp Salad CircusContinue to 10 of 24 below.10 of 24

DIY Painting Station Onesie

DIY Onesie paint station. I like creating

entertain everyone by setting up a onesie paint station. All guests can paint a plain white onesie for the baby.

DIY tutorial painting station onesie for I like to createContinue to 11 of 24 below.11 of 24

DIY watercolor balloons

DIY watercolor balloons. DIY Studio

Decorate the baby shower that you are organizing with a fun and fun party decor: Take regular white balloons and enhance them with acrylic paints in soft pastels. The complete set of balloons can be grouped around snack and gift tables.

DIY DIY Watercolor Balloons TutorialContinue to 12 of 24 below.12 of 24

Toppers Cupcake Balloon DIY

Toppers Cupcake DIY balloon. DIY Studio

Decorate cupcakes for a baby shower by topping them with pink and blue cupcake toppers made from card stock and paper clips. A fun idea would be to fill the cupcakes with either pink or blue icing, so when everyone bites into the cupcakes, the baby’s sex would show up to all the guests at the baby shower!

Tutorial on DIY DIY balloons toppersContinue to 13 of 24 below.13 of 24

DIY Onesie cake

DIY Onesie cake. Oh Happy Day

Without a doubt, everyone at the party will want to take a picture of the cake and your topper in hand. To decorate the cake for the party, hang a line of mini clothes made from straws and string to hang small paper objects like a cake topper.

Oh Happy Day DIY cake topper tutorialContinue to 14 of 24 below.14 of 24

DIY Baby Shower Candy Blocks Favors

DIY Baby Shower Candy Blocks Favors. Oh Happy Day

Create candy block baby party favors filled with this easy DIY. Decorate the clear boxes with a printable baby block template that you can stick to the outside of the treatment boxes. The filled candy baby blocks can be stacked on the tables at the baby shower and doubles as party decor.

DIY baby shower candy blocks favors tutorial Oh Happy DayContinue to 15 of 24 below.15 of 24

DIY Balloon Baby Shower Guest Book

DIY Balloon Baby Shower Guest Book. Aspen Jay

Help the mother-to-be remember her baby shower with all her family and friends by making a homemade guestbook. At the party, each guest can write his name on one of the paper balloons.

DIY Tutorial on Aspen Jay Balloons Baby Shower GuestbookContinue to 16 of 24 below.16 of 24

DIY toothpick Snacks Onesie

DIY toothpick Snacks Onesie.Dream Green DIY

Make every snack you serve to shower the theme with DIY toothpicks, which you can stick to the tops of any appetizer.

DIY tutorial toothpick toothpick of Dream Green DIYContinue to 17 of 24 below.17 of 24

DIY Baby Shower Candle Favor

DIY shower candle favor. Alice and Lois

Thank everyone who attended the baby shower by sending them home with pretty cloth-wrapped candles that only take a few minutes to do.

tutorial diy baby shower tutorial Alice and LoisContinue to 18 of 24 below.18 of 24

DIY Butterfly Balloons

DIY Butterfly Balls. Design Improvised

Adore regular inflated balloons with small butterflies to create an easy but beautiful DIY decor for the party.

DIY Butterfly Balloon Tutorial by Design ImprovisedContinue to 19 of 24 below.19 of 24

DIY Baby Shower Invitation

DIY baby shower invitation. Oh Happy Day

Invite everyone to the baby shower that you welcome with this creative DIY shower invitation that fits perfectly into a small gift box.

Oh Happy Day Baby Shower Invitation TutorialContinue to 20 of 24 below.20 of 24

Oh Baby DIY Banner

DIY banner Oh Baby. Sarah Hearts

Hang on this gorgeous DIY baby banner, which you can do with printable template, to decorate your home for a baby shower

DIY tutorial baby banner Sarah HeartsContinue to 21 of 24 below.21 of 24

DIY candy baby shower favors

DIY candy baby shower favor. Kristi Murphy

These individual sized confectionery bags are sure to be a hit at any baby shower.

DIY candy baby shower favor tutorial from Kristi MurphyContinue to 22 of 24 below.22 of 24

Cute DIY Animal Cupcake Toppers

Cute DIY animal cupcake toppers. Sweet Steph Card Creations

Perfect for a jungle-themed baby shower, these animal cupcake toppers are simply adorable.

Cute cute cupcake cupcake tutorial from Sweet Steph Card CreationsContinue to 23 of 24 below.23 of 24

DIY baby tablecloth

DIY baby tablecloth. Oh Happy Day

Decorate the table with a DIY baby tablecloth.

Oh Happy Day DIY Baby Tablecloth TutorialContinue to 24 of 24 below.24 of 24

Escargot Diaper

Diaper Snail Diaper. Handmade Charlotte

For a pretty baby shower decor, place some of these diaper snails around the snack table.

DIY diaper snail tutorial by Charlotte hand

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