Month: June 2019

New Super Easy Way To Make Space Buns – No Bobby Pins! | Hairstyles For Girls

Today we are sharing a fun and easy new tutorial for making space buns.  We love that this method requires no bobby pins! This hairstyle is great for all ages and could be used for many occasions. We love that these double buns are popular and stylish for teens right now. So fun! And if you aren’t super excited about the pigtail look, you could still use this method to create one bun in a […]

Easy Spider Web Hairstyle | Hairstyles For Girls

Oh no! A spider has spun a web in her hair! 😉 Hey guys!  We love Halloween and look forward to posting Halloween hairstyles each October. This year we wanted a spiderweb hairstyle that would work for teenagers as well as little girls.  You could even wear this style to school or work without being too obnoxious.  Without the plastic spider, this hairstyle would be cute all year round! Easy Spider Web Hairstyle, Video Tutorial: […]

2 Spooky Spider Hairstyles For Halloween | Hairstyles For Girls

Today we are sharing 2 fun hairstyles for Halloween! These Halloween hairstyles are some of our favorite spooky styles from the past that you may not have seen on our blog, or might have forgotten. 1. The spider web bun.2. The spider bun hairstyle. Both of these styles would be great for Halloween parties, school, trick or treating, the month of October, to go with your Halloween costume, or for Crazy Hair Day! Spider Hairstyles, […]

Braided Edge Reverse Banded Fishtail Braid | Hairstyles For Girls

Today we are sharing a fun new braid! The Braided Edge Reverse Banded Fishtail.  We love this braid because it is easy, even for beginning braiders, but looks so unique and intricate. It is also less time consuming than most fishtail braids. Braided Edge Reverse Banded Fishtail Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.) You may remember the “twisted edge fishtail braid” we posted several years ago? This was one of […]

Braided Edge Banded Fishtail (Part 2) | Hairstyles For Girls

Today we are showing a variation of a fun new braid that we posted last week.  If we have to choose, we actually like this version the most. 😉  We love the way the fishtail strands are intricately stacked on this braid.  And although this braid looks like it could be difficult, it is actually quite easy to create! Braided Edge Banded Fishtail Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.) As […]

3 Christmas Tree Hairstyles In 3 Minutes! | Hairstyles For Girls

It’s Christmas Hairstyle time! Today we are sharing 3 of our favorite and easiest Christmas tree Hairstyle tutorials.  Each of these hairstyles will turn your hair into a pretty Christmas tree using elastics. No complicated braiding required! Christmas Tree Hairstyles Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.) These hairstyles would be great for school, Christmas parties, Christmas Eve, opening presents, church services, holiday dinners, concerts, etc.  We love that these trees […]

Snowflake and Candy Cane Hairstyles For Christmas! | Hairstyles For Girls

Today we are sharing 2 of our favorite Christmas hairstyles that we are guessing many of you have not seen (as we know a lot of you are new to our hairstyle blog!)  We have edited these holiday styles as quick mini tutorials for those of you who are short on time and just want the general gist on creating the styles. Snowflake and Candy Cane Hairstyles, Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video […]

Ribbon Chain Braid Holiday Hairstyles | Hairstyles For Girls

Hey guys! Today we are sharing another fun Christmas hairstyle idea.  Although, this technique can really be used for any time of the year.  Just change up the color of ribbons for your event, school colors, or holiday!  This ribbon chain braid is relatively easy to make and would be a pretty accent for tons of hairstyles.  You could add this braid to an updo, a half up hairstyle, a side braid, ponytail, etc.  We […]

Top 15 Hairstyles Countdown Compilation! Princess Hairstyles 2018 | Hairstyles For Girls

 Our annual tradition! Please enjoy a countdown of our top 15 favorite hairstyles that were posted on “Princess Hairstyles” this year. Tutorial links for each of the hairstyles shown: #15- Braided faux hawk with heart accent. #14- 3 strand pull through braid and 5 ways to wear it. #13- No bobby pin space buns. #12- Swirling braids half up hairstyle. #11- Romantic updo with twists and braids. #10-  Gathered braids half up hairstyle. #9- Faux […]

8 Cute Ponytail Hairstyles For Summer! | Hairstyles For Girls

Today we are sharing 8 quick and easy ponytail ideas, including simple step by step instructions.   During the summer and hot weather, we have been loving hairstyles that keep our hair up, off of our necks, and out of the way.  These hairstyles would be great for summer vacations, the beach, swimming, riding bikes, working out, sports, barbecues, etc.  These ponytails don’t have to be just for summertime either.  These styles would be great […]

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