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15 Adorable Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for Women

Butterflies are associated with something romantic, beautiful and charming, so that a butterfly tattoo will be perfect for women who want to emphasize their femininity. Butterflies are symbols of rebirth (Do you remember what butterflies go through before becoming amazing butterflies? Yes, it’s a great transformation!) And resurrections. Do not forget that butterflies are also associated with love and grace, and of course with nature. Scroll down and look at the photos we’ve collected for you, and maybe […]

36 Cute balloon decor ideas for baby showers

Balloons are among the most popular decorations for any baby shower because they are fun, cute and very affordable. I can not imagine an entrance or dessert table without colorful balloons around it; If you have a lot, you can create a balloon ceiling that fills them with helium and let them stay under the ceiling. Choose not only the usual ones, but also letter balloons to make the word “baby” or your child’s name or star-shaped or […]

20+ Ideas for the Best Ever Baby Shower

Sarah Hearts Get ready for a baby shower with these DIY party ideas! Here are over 20 DIY ideas to help you organize the best baby shower, including invitations, decorations and snack ideas.Go to 2 of 24 below.02 of 24 DIY Baby Shower Cupcake Push Pops DIY Baby Shower Cupcake Push Pops. Inspired by this Surprise your party guests with some adorable cupcake pops. Choose from a variety of smart label ideas! DIY baby shower cupcake push pops […]

4 original hairstyles for festivals

The festival season is fast approaching. The perfect opportunity to wear bolder looks! Frohawk, wild braids, accessorized straightening or twinkling ripples, discover three hairstyles imagined by ghd that will make their little effect on the summer lawns. The Frohawk ghd Step 1 Make sure your hair is about 50% dry and apply to finishing serum. Step 2 Separate your hair into three equal sections. One on the top of the head, one in the middle, one down. Step 3 Take each […]

Inspiration Holiday Hairstyles for Short Hair

For parties, we try to sublimate. Our festive beauty goes through the choice of the outfit, of course, but also by the hairstyle. Delphine Courteille , hairstylist L’Oréal Professionnel, explains how to make step by step 5 hairstyles, perfect for the holiday season.   1 / 5 An African braid hair short This beautiful African braid is made on a square base.  Using a tail comb, draw three lines, one at the forehead in the middle and one at each brow bone. With the tail of […]

Bloody Crime Scene Nail Art Design

Hello, I hope you’re okay? For this week I propose you a nail art on the crime scene theme 🙂 Normally this nail art was not planned for this week but I could not wait to show it to you because I love lol As I write this article, I still have it on the nails and it made quite a lot of people laugh that I crossed Good, I admit they also told me […]

8 things that change when you cut your hair very short

You wear long hair for years. Why not opt ​​for a metamorphosis by asking the hairdresser a very short cut? Here is what will change in your life. 1 /8 Dragon Images / Shutterstock Change is good, especially after 25 years In high school, I thought about Farrah Fawcett’s gorgeous blond curly mane – especially the one she wears on her picture in a swimsuit, which made millions of teenagers dream in the 1980s. My friend at the […]

7 golden rules to make your relationship last

Discover the golden rules in love to improve and optimize your pleasure, your sexuality, your confidence and the affection within your couple. 1 /7 wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock Touch your lover to make your relationship last The sense of touch releases endorphins in both the touching person and the affected person. This hormone promotes well-being . So take the habit of taking each other’s hand while walking, touch her cheek by kissing her in the morning. Revive the little touching gestures […]

18 Elegant Hairstyles for Prom 2019

Prom is one of the most important days of your entire life- and certainly, one to remember. Remember this glamorous night with plenty of smiles, laughter, and of course an elegant ‘do to enhance your bright smile. You’ll be sure to wow the crowd with one of these dazzling. French Side Braid with Voluminous Curls Another excellent choice when it comes to sexy, alluring side-swept styles! This lovely lady starts off her look with a […]

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