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15 Amazing Heart Tattoo Ideas for Women

Want to get a tattoo but still have not decided on the tattoo design you need? We are ready to help you with this choice and to give you some attention to heart tattoo ideas. In my opinion (and I’m sure you’ll agree with me), heart-shaped tattoos are very popular over the years for both men and women and are cute and fabulous! It’s a truly romantic choice and the most common reason (and it’s […]

15 Adorable Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for Women

Butterflies are associated with something romantic, beautiful and charming, so that a butterfly tattoo will be perfect for women who want to emphasize their femininity. Butterflies are symbols of rebirth (Do you remember what butterflies go through before becoming amazing butterflies? Yes, it’s a great transformation!) And resurrections. Do not forget that butterflies are also associated with love and grace, and of course with nature. Scroll down and look at the photos we’ve collected for you, and maybe […]